ACHE Sprockets

QAB Bearing has expanded our ACHE Sprocket offering to allow for possible reducer elimination or reduction. 


Taper-Lock® ACHE sprockets have a longer bore length in order to withstand high torque. They are designed with extra mass around the shaft so that the sprockets remain stable. However, B&B's ACHE offering is mainly QD® bushed. The QD® design transmits the required torque without unnecessary, additional weight around the shaft. This provides the benefits of reduced bearing and overhung loads. 


Larger sized sprockets are offered in HTD® to ensure proper chordal action. Chordal action is the rise and fall of the belt tooth in and out of the sprocket teeth. Without correct belt-sprocket tooth engagement, products can get caught, slip, or fall between the belt and sprocket.





ACHE Sprockets are used in cooling and condensing in industries like: Oil and Gas production, processing, and transport; HVAC; Power generation, and more.


Post date :2022-07-29