Quality service is the strong backing of QAB’s estbalishing maketing position


QAB continuously improve product quality, strengthen management to reduce the product costs. Meanwhile QAB focus on providing customers with quality pre-sale and after-sales service, always for the purpose of meeting customer's needs, especially meet the needs for the multi-level and different working environments. QAB services mainly as follows:


1) Pre-sales service:


In the early cooperation between customers and QAB, QAB can offer joint design, product selection proposals, sample testing, installation (loading) test track etc. to ensure that products are fully applicable to the conditions of use provided by customers. In addition, to help customers to enlarge the market share and enhance their own brand, QAB's products typing (marking), packaging and other aspects can fully meet customers' requirements.



2) Sale of services:


Running in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality system, we pay special attention to production process control, higher requirements and quality improvements implemented in the product manufacturing process, so that customers' satisfaction and product quality improve continuously.  


3) After-sales service:


When customers receive or use QAB's products, the QAB professional engineers team will offer a series of technical and service support for the customers, including test reports, technical principles, instructions for use, storage & custody, installation notes, lubrication and rust-proof etc.