Medical Industry

Timing belt pulleys are used in a variety of applications in the medical industry.

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Air Supply Fans

Air supply fans are one of the main uses of timing belt pulleys. Industry standard v-belt drives are typically used in these fans, but an increasing number of Polychain timing pulley drives are being used to reduce maintenance costs, increase gearbelt life, and increase energy efficiency in the belt drive.

Exercise and Rehabilitation Equipment

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Another common use for pulleys in the medical industry is in exercise and rehabilitation equipment. Pulley machines allow the user the ability to exercise without the fear of dropping weights on themselves. Unlike many traditional free weight and resistance machine exercises, pulley machine exercises allow the user to exercise in a number of body positions because you can typically adjust the pulleys for sitting, standing, or prone positions. Because each limb can be isolated, a workout can be balanced between limbs as the user sees fit. Some free weight exercises can mask left to right strength disparity which may lead to muscle imbalances and possible chronic injury.

Peristaltic Pump

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A Peristaltic pump uses pulleys and/or gears to make a flexible hose act like an esophagus - rotating and pinching parts of the hose to push liquids through the hose. Common peristaltic pump uses include open heart bypass machines, dialysis machines, pharmaceutical production, infusion pumps, and many other non-medical applications.


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Centrifuges may use timing pulleys and timing belts to various materials such as blood for closer examination. They work on the principle that centripetal force will force the materials inside the test tube to separate based on the density of the materials.


Perhaps one of the more obvious uses of timing pulleys and belts are in treadmills. In fact, one of the keys to picking a good treadmill revolves around the theory that bigger solid rollers and thicker belts make the best treadmills, not motors and their horsepower.


Medical Bag Sealers

QAB Bearing can machine components for heat sealers that seal IV, medicine, and blood bags! Synchronous timing pulleys and belts move the bags along the machine, applying pressure and heat as they move.


X-Ray Machines

In order to detect injuries to bones, joints, and organs, X-Rays are taken. Timing pulleys allow the extension arm of the machine to move and position the tube head of the X-Ray by the area of concern. 



Post date :2022-07-29